RECENT STUDENT COMMENTS:       As a teacher you bond very well with every student to make them comfortable in your class room. You help them when they are struggling with work and you are very flexible with them.        He really cares about his students and they're[sic] education! Also he is never in a bad mood and that can just brighten you're own day up! [sic] Thanks Mugan!        He explains everything well and is funny        He is excellent at connecting with all students        I was sincirly [sic] impressed with the site and with how simple it was to learn information        I also really like the way you let us learn how we learn best. I feel like that is one of the greatest gifts a teacher can ever give students....        CLICK HERE : a student's perspective on blended learning with MUGAN'S BIOLOGY PAGE!

Maddie P.
Great Effort
Excellent Results
Feb 2017


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