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Darwins Theory of Evolution

1. Darwin realized that for a species to survive, its members must?
make fossils
have similar structures
develop behavioral traits

2. Darwin's term to describe the ability of an individual to survive and reproduce was?
living diversity

3. According to Darwin, because organisms produce a great number of offspring, members of a species must:
constantly struggle against each other for things they need to existence.
support and protect each other in order to survive long enough to pass on their genes.
share the exact same adaptations
show little variation

4. Darwin discovered that farmers had greatly altered and improved domesticated plants and animals through?
natural selection
fossil diversity
artificial selection

5. According to Darwin, living species?
were produced spontaneously
lack common ancestors
were produced through a slow process of evolutionary change
look and behave exactly as their ancestors did

6. Evolution by natural selection produces species that?
are always larger than their ancestors
are better suited to the environment than their ancestors
produce more offspring than found in previous generations
yield more diverse fossils than previous generations

7. The survival of organisms with positive variations is called?
normal distribution
natural selection

8. What did Darwin conclude from his study of fossils?
The total number of plant and animal species present on Earth is increasing
A species does not change over time
Certain species of organisms have vanished from the Earth
The number of organisms on Earth always stays the same

9. A fish may lay many hundreds of eggs. Not all of those baby fish survive long enough to reproduce. Darwin described the battle of these fish to live to a reproductive age as the:
selection pressure
struggle for existance

10. What does survival of the fittest mean?
Traits that an organism aquires during its lifetime will be passed to its offspring
Only those organisms adapted to their environment will survive to reproduce
Life only comes from living things
The largest and strongest of a species will survive long enough to reproduce and pass on its traits

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