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1) Biological inheritance of traits from parent to offspring?
a) Dominant.
b) Heredity.
c) Homozygous.
d) Traits.

2) Latin for “son”?
a) Dominant
b) P(parentis)
c) F(filius)
d) Gene

3) Process by which different genes do not influence each other’s segregation into gametes?
a) Genotype
b) Phenotype
c) Independant assortment
d) Recessive

4) Offspring of parents with different characteristics?
a) Dominant
b) Codominance
c) Hybrid
d) Incomplete dominance

5) Form of a gene that is not expressed in the presence of the dominant form; represented with a lowercase letter?
a) Dominant
b) Introspective
c) Recessive
d) Recombinant

6) The study of heredity?
a) Hereditology
b) Gerentology
c) Genetics
d) Histology

7) Form of gene that is expressed when present and excludes the recessive form; represented with a capital letter?
a) Dominant
b) Introspective
c) Recessive
d) Recombinant

8) Mixed pair of alleles for a trait?
a) Homozygous
b) Hemizygous
c) Heterozygous
d) Triplozygous

9) The unit by which hereditary characteristics are transmitted?
a) Allele
b) DNA
c) Gene
d) Genetics

10) Form of a genetic trait displayed by an organism?
a) Genotype
b) Phenotype
c) Allele
d) DNA

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