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1) Measurable differences within the same species?
a) Variation.
b) Gene Shuffling.
c) Fitness.
d) Genes.

2) Members of a species that survive to reproduce are said to be?
a) Fit
b) Variatinons
c) Larger and Stronger
d) Disruptive

3) A trait that is governed by more than one gene?
a) Genotype
b) Polygenic
c) Stabilized
d) Single genes

4) Groups of similar organisms that can reproduce to form fertile offspring?
a) Fitness
b) Gradualism
c) Mutations
d) Species

5) Change in an organisms genetics over time is?
a) Evolution
b) Polygenic
c) Recessive
d) Punctuated Equilibrium

6) Who wrote the book "The Origin of Species"?
a) Watson and Crick
b) Charles Darwin
c) L Ron Hubbard
d) Jean Baptiste De Laamark

7) Who's idea of change over time is described as the Inheritance of Aquired Characteristics?
a) Martha Chase
b) Charles Darwin
c) Jean Baptiste De Laamark
d) Linus Pauling

8) A change in an organisms DNA is called?
a) Mutation
b) Speciation
c) Disruptive
d) Meditation

9) Fossil evidence indicates relative stability in populations of organisms until change is forced by natural events. What is this called?
a) Gradualism
b) Punctuated Equilibrium
c) Disruptive Evolution
d) Polygenic Extrogenism

10) Who is credited with the idea that evolution does not happen until it is forced by dramatic natural events?
a) Charles Darwin
b) Linus Pauling
c) Alfred Hershey
d) Steven J. Gould

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